The PROTECTORS Training program is a comprehensive, elite-level specialization program focusing on trainer and line-level instruction for public safety, corporate security and military sectors. The PROTECTORS program develops, distributes, and applies elite training methods to a variety of field personnel to accelerate and enhance the performance of US security, soldiers, police, fire services, EMS and corrections officers.

By utilizing time-tested principles of field operations, empirical studies of field performance and proven management techniques, PROTECTORS courses are aimed at developing above-average standards of performance. To assure continuous development in the coursework, trainees are monitored and assessed from learning to application. Data is measured to provide evidence of successful implementation.

Years of practical field applications have taught us that the most able PROTECTORS are ones who are conditioned to provide a complete solution to the public safety or security mission. Physical condition, mental preparedness, and philosophical structure are part of every PROTECTORS course. Providing the complete solution is the major theme of our PROTECTORS program.

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